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Government Of Assam Labour Welfare Inspectorate of Boilers

Precautions to be taken during maintenance of Boiler

Precautions to be taken during maintenance of boiler:

  • Helmet is very much essential while maintenance of a boiler is going on.
  • Before climbing the boiler (oil fired) be sure that oil is not spilled around the boiler.
  • Carry out maintenance only when sufficient light inside boiler is available.
  • Ensure the strength and rigidity of scaffolding while climbing on boiler.
  • There is a chance of getting injury to knee on hitting Drum internals while getting down in Stream Drum. Therefore first carefully understand about the welded parts of drum and then enter in drum for inspection. Take proper protection for eyes and head.
  • While getting down in Steam Drum / water drum first open the manhole and see the internal portion of drum. There is possibility of dogs, snakes or honeybees inside the lower part of Lancashire boiler or an external furnace of boiler.
  • Ensure that blow down of all boilers in battery are not connected together.
  • Confirm that fuse of feed water pump is removed . Be sure that boiler is isolated from battery of boilers only then carry out maintenance .
  • While entering in the boiler for maintenance confirm whether burner fuse is removed or not, in small or big oil fired boiler and then carry out maintenance/inspection.
  • In petroleum industries CO (Carbon Monoxide) is used as fuel in boiler. While carrying inspection of such boilers confirm that CO gas is not in the boiler and verify that CO gas valve is completely closed.