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Government Of Assam Labour Welfare Inspectorate of Boilers

Granting of Exemption Certificate

  • Granting of Exemption Certificate

              The steam generating equipment which has volumetric capacity less than 25 litres does not comes under the purview of Boilers Act, 1923. To ensure safety of live & property, the Inspectorate has adopted a procedure for granting exemption certificate for these types of steam generator.

              Procedure to obtain exemption certificate for steam generator is as follows-

    1. i) Measurement of volumetric capacity of the equipment: The measurement is to be carried out in presence of inspecting officer of the Inspectorate.
    2. ii) Submission of drawings showing pressure parts(shell)/coils of the equipment in triplicate.

    iii) Payment of fee of Rs 1200/- into treasury under the Head of Accounts “0230-Labour & Employment Deptt, 103-Fee for inspection of steam boiler”

    1. iv) Submission of undertaking to be issued by the undertaking is as follows-

    Undertaking for issuing Exemption Certificate

              We hereby declare that no addition/alteration/modification will be carried out in the pressure parts (shell)/coil of our steam generator bearing makers/sl no………………………(manufactured by M/s……………………………………) and its steam, feed and blow down line without prior approval of Chief Inspector of Boilers, Assam. If any addition/alteration/modification is/are found to have been made without prior approval of the Chief Inspector, the exemption certificate will be stand cancelled.


                                                                                                                                                                                                Signature of Boiler owner with address

    1. v) Submission of layout drawing of steam pipeline proposed to be attached to steam generator in triplicate for approval of the chief Inspector of Boilers, Assam.

    Note: The pressure at which steam passes through a pipeline exceeds 3.5 Kg/cm2   above atmospheric pressure comes under the purview of the Boiler Act,1923. The steam lines as attached with the aforesaid steam generator is to be fabricated , erected and tested under the supervision of the officers of the Inspectorate as per IBR, 1950.