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Government Of Assam Labour Welfare Inspectorate of Boilers

Statutory Instructions under the Boiler Acts , 1923

  • Statutory Instructions under the Boilers Act,1923:

    • Boiler shall not be used unless it is registered and certified.(Sec.7)
    • Boiler shall not be used after expiry of Certificate/P.O. ( Sec.8)
    • Boiler shall not be used unless transfer is reported to Chief Inspector of Boilers. (Sec.16)
    • Boiler shall not be used at higher pressure than the maximum pressure for which it is approved and certified . (Sec.6)
    • Boiler shall not be used unless it is in-charge of person holding the certificate of Competency/ Proficiency as required. (Sec.6)
    • Explosion of boiler/boiler component shall be reported to the Chief Inspector of Boilers within 24 hours and such report shall contain true description of nature of accident and of the damage. (Sec.18)
    • Works such as repairs, welding, tube replacement, alteration/ addition/modification etc. shall not be carried out to boiler/ boiler component without sanction/ approval of Chief Inspector of Boilers in writing.(Sec.12)
    • Registration number as marked on boiler shall not be removed/ altered/ defaced/ tempered. (Sec.25)
    • Boiler shall not be used with tempered safety valves. (Sec.24)


                   N.B.: Any violation of the aforesaid instructions is a punishable offence under the provision of Sec 22, 24, 25 of the Boilers Act, 1923.