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Government Of Assam Labour Welfare Inspectorate of Boilers

Registration of Assembled Boiler


Standard Procedure /Steps for Registration of Assemble Boiler



Forms Required/Documents Required




Submission of application form through a forwarding letter

1 Application form for Registration of New Boiler.

2 Release notes of pressure parts issued by the Inspecting Authority.

3 Assembly Drawings of Pressure Parts.



Concerned Officer will verify and examine the documents required for erection permission of the Boiler and forward the documents to Chief Inspector for erection permission.


Within 7 days of receiving the documents



Granting Erection permission issued by The Chief Inspector


Within 7 days from the day of application.



Concerned Officer carries out all the stage inspections during erection of the Boiler as per Regulations


Within 15 days from the request of the owner.



Conducting preliminary Hydraulic Test in bare condition of the boiler will be conducted.

1. Submission of application for preliminary Hydraulic Test.

2. Form-II issued by the inspecting authority.

3. Form-III for boiler and its all pressure parts .

4. Form-IVA for all materials used in the Boiler.

5. Form-IIIC for all valves , mountings and fittings .

6. IBR approved drawings of

i. All pressure parts, Boiler drums , Headeers, etc drawings

ii. Welding details drawings

iii. Manhole drawings

iv. Feed pipeline and blow down line detail drawings

v. Tube plate layout drawing

7. Radiographic test reports for

i. All Header joints

ii. All tube joints

iii. All drum joints

iv. All internal piping joints.

8. Post weld heat treatment reports of

i. All Header Joints.

Within 10 days of submission of all documents

 Payment of fees


Conducting Hydraulic Test as per Regulations and after satisfactory inspection and test, a steaming certificate in Form-V of IBR will be issued.

1) Completion report in all aspects by owner/ Erector to be submitted.

2) Submission of Certificates of Boiler Attendant / Boiler Operation Engineer

Within 2 days



Form I (MI Book) duly filled in by concern officer and it is to be forwarded to Chief Inspector , for allotment of the registration Number.


Within 2 days of conducting Steam test



Allotment of Registration Number by the Chief Inspector.


Within 14 days.



Conducting steam test after engraving the registry number on the boiler.

Application for steam test to be submitted before expiry of provisional order.

Within 7 days after submission of application form.



If steam test is satisfactory Concerned Officer makes FormVI and forwards to Chief Inspector for countersignature; if steam test is not satisfactory, owner will be informed with remarks for rectification.


Within 2 days of conducting Steam test



Chief Inspector has to countersign the FormVI and send to the owner with a intimation to concern officer.


Within 2 days

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