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Government Of Assam Labour Welfare Inspectorate of Boilers

Standard Procedure for Registration of Package Boiler

Standard procedure/ steps for Registration of Package Boiler

Sl.NoProcedure/StepForms Required/Documents RequiredTimelinesFees
1Apply for Registration of boiler1.Application form of Registration of Boiler.
2.Form-II issued by the inspecting authority.
3.Form-III issued by the inspecting authority.
4.Form-IVA for all materials used for the Boiler.
5.Form-IIIC for all valves, mountings and fittings.
6.IBR approved details drawing of boiler.
   i.All pressure parts assemble drawing.
  ii.Welding details drawing.
 iii.Manhole and head hole drawing.
 iv.Feed pipeline and blow down detail drawings.
7. Payment of Fee.
 Payment for registration of boiler is to be made
2Concerned Officer will verify and examine the documents required for erection permission of the Boiler and forward the documents to Chief Inspector for issuance of erection permission. Within 7 working days of receiving the documents. 
3Erection permission issued by The Chief Inspector. Within 7days from the day of application. 
4A date of inspection will be fixed by concerned Officer as per convenience of owner.After completion of erection , status report has to be submitted by the owner .Within 15 days from the date of submission of erection completion report. 
5The boiler will be thoroughly inspected and tested as per Regulations and after satisfactory inspection and test, a provisional steaming order in form V of IBR will be issued.Submission of certificate of Boiler Attendant/Boiler Operation Engineer.Within 2 working days. 
6Form I (MI Book) is duly filled in by concern officer and it is to be forwarded to Chief Inspector , for allotment of the registration Number. Within 7 working days. 
7Allotment of Registration Number by the Chief Inspector. Within 14 days. 
8Conducting steam test after engraving the registry number on the boiler.Application for steam test to be submitted before expiry of provisional order.Within 7 working days after submission of application form. 
9If steam test is satisfactory Concerned Officer makes FormVI and forward to Chief Inspector for countersignature. If steam test is not satisfactory, owner will be informed for rectification.Application for steam test to be submitted before expiry of provisional order.Within 2 working days of conducting Steam test. 
10Chief Inspector has to countersign the Form VI and send to the owner with an intimation to concern officer.Application for steam test to be submitted before expiry of provisional order.Within 2 working days. 
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