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Government Of Assam Labour Welfare Inspectorate of Boilers

Standard Procedure for Registration of Steam/ Feed/Blowdown/Pipeline

Standard Procedure /Steps for Registration of Steam/feed/blow down line



Forms Required/Documents Required




Apply for Registration of pipeline

1) Layout drawing of Steam/Feed/blowdown line in triplicates, showing position of pipe fittings.

2) Details of materials dimension and specifications of pipes and pipe fittings.

3) Welding details of joints.



Concerned Officer will verify and examine the drawings and documents and forward the same alongwith a draft approval letter to Chief Inspector for approval.


Within 7 days of receiving the drawings and documents



Approval of drawings by Chief Inspector

1 set of approved drawing issued to the owner.

Within 15 days

Payment of the fee for pre-scrutiny of drawings.


Submission of application for approval of proposed contractor.

1) Submission of Proforma-II regarding approval of contractor .

2) Details of manpower, tool and tackles and credentials of contractor , to be employed in the job.

3) Copy of certificates of welder (in Form-XIII) of all welders.



Verification of documents by concern officer and forwarding to Chief Inspector for approval.


Within 7 days



Approval of contractor for erection and fabrication of pipeline by Chief Inspector.


2 working days



Submission of documents regarding materials

Test Certificate of pipes and its fittings in IBR form.



Conducting materials inspection and performance /stimulation test of welder (if required).


Within 7 days.



Concern officer will carry out all stage inspections during fabrication and erection as per Regulation

1) Conducting NDT, if required

2) Conducting PMI testing of materials , if required.

As per convenience of owner



Final inspection of pipeline network as per Regulation. If there is any deviation to approved drawings the owner would be asked to submit AS BUILT drawings for approval.

Erection completion report is to be submitted by owner/ Erector along with-

i) Radiographic films, if applicable.

ii) Post weld heat treatment report if applicable .

Within 7 days

Fee for inspection of Steam Pipeline.


Conducting hydraulic test of pipelines and Granting of charging order.

Application for offering hydraulic test.

Within 7 days



Granting Registration to Steam Pipeline by Chief Inspector.


Within 7 days

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