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Government Of Assam Labour Welfare Inspectorate of Boilers

Services rendered by Inspectorate


  1. Conducting Registration of Boilers, Economizers and Steam pipelines.
  2. Conducting stage inspections and tests of Boilers , Economizers and Steam Pipelines/feedlines at the time of fabrication and erection.
  3. Conducting Inspection and Tests of boilers and Economizers during use and issuing renewal certificates.
  4. Conducting qualification / requalification test for welders and issuing certificates thereafter.
  5. Recognition to firms as boiler Repairers / Erectors .
  6. Conducting examination for Boiler Attendants for issuance of certificate of competency.
  7. Conducting examination for Boi¬ler Operation Engineers and issuance of certificate of proficiency.
  8. Detection of unregistered and uncertified Boilers and Economisers .
  9. Examination and subsequent approval of drawings relating to erection of boilers and the layouts of steam & feed water lines as per Indian Boiler Regulation.
  10. Approval and Supervision in case of repairing job/ structural addition and alteration of Boilers and Boiler Components under the scope of Regulations.
  11. Supervision of Remnant Life Assessment (RLA) of old boilers as conducted by recognized RLA organization and making recommendation of repair/ replacement of pressure parts , on the basis of RLA report.
  12. Prosecution against the boiler owners for violation of the Act.
  13. Forwarding views on proposals received from concern parties regarding amendment of Regulations to Central Boilers Board for consideration.
  14. Updating records, maintained by the Inspectorate in connection with transfer of boilers as per Sec 16 of the Act.
  15.  Carrying out mechanical, chemical non-destructive and metallurgical tests for materials in connection with erection and repairing of boilers and associated pipe lines.
Services rendered by Inspectorate