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Government Of Assam Labour and Welfare Inspectorate of Boilers

About Department

Inspectorate of Boilers deliver services under the administrative control of Labour and Welfare Department, Government of Assam for effective implementation of the provisions of Central and State Acts, Rules and Regulations.

Boiler, which works at high temperature and pressure, is a self destructive and self explosive and dangerous piece of equipment, needs very stringent control regarding inbuilt safety, safety in maintenance and in operation of boiler and boiler components. These safety measures and control have adequately provided in the Boilers Act, 1923 (V of 1923),the Indian Boiler Regulations, 1950(IBR) and many other State Rules framed there under to ensure safety of human life, limbs and property. The Subject "Boilers" has been placed in the Concurrent list of the Constitution of India.

The details nature of inspection and testing procedures has been well defined in the Indian Boiler Regulations, 1950 and these are being carried out all over the country by the State Inspectorate of Boilers of proper implementation of the statutory obligation.

This Inspectorate of Boilers basically a statutory body to be responsible for proper implementation of all the provisions of Boilers Act, 1923 and Regulations and State Rules framed there under to ensure safety to human lives and limbs and also property.

In the process of effective implementation of the above, this Inspectorate plays a vital role in the Industrial environment with its stringent functioning in the field of design, construction and workmanship, quality of materials and fabrication, inspection and testing, safe operation and maintenance of Boilers, so that Boilers in industries as well as in core sectors like power fertilizer, sugar and other vital Industries are operated smoothly and safely with minimum down-time to avoid loss of production and primarily to provide safety to human lives and limbs. Hence, this Inspectorate has got a vital role in the Industrial development and projects under plan programmes.