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Government Of Assam Labour and Welfare Inspectorate of Boilers

Procedure of Inspection


The Procedure to be followed in connecting with application for registration and renewal of steaming certificate of boilers shall be regulated in accordance with the provisions of chapter IX of Indian Boiler Regulations, 1950 and sec 4E, 7 & 8 of the Boilers Act, 1923


On receipt of online application under sec 7(1) of the Act alongwith documents as prescribed by Regulations, the competent person, as authorized, shall fix a date of Inspection for –

Open/Thorough Inspection: (Reg.381)

The competent person shall, when the boiler has been properly prepared for examination proceed to measure in complete detail all its parts, ascertain the working pressure allowed by the regulations by making a series of calculations being based on his measurement and examine the correctness of the maker’s certificate on the dimensions and other particulars relating to the workmanship, materials and details of construction as stated there in (vide Sec 14(1) (c) of the Act and Reg. 4).

Hydraulic Test (Regulation 379):-

i) Subject to the provisions of sub-regulation (e) of Regulation 381, every boiler shall be hydraulically tested after installation at site to 1¼ times the maximum working pressure as certified by the Inspecting Authority in Form-II.

ii) It all components of the boilers in manufactures premises have not been tested hydraulically as per Reg.268, the test, on completion of erection , shall be taken to 1½ times of the maximum working pressure , as certified by the Inspecting Authority in Form-II.

After performing satisfactory hydro test, the competent person will forward a repost of Inspection alongwith boiler documents to the Chief Inspector for assigning registration number to the boiler and then a provisional order in Form V to enable the boilers to be worked may be issued under Sec 9 of the Act.

Steam Test (Reg. 380) :-

Every newly registered boiler and every other boiler of which the working pressure has been altered shall, before the issue of an original or renewal certificate for such boiler, be tested under steam.


On receipt of online application for renewal of steaming certificate under the Sec 8 of the Act, the competent person, as authorized, shall fix a date of inspection for

Open/Thorough Inspection (Reg. 390):-

The competent person shall, when the boiler has been prepared properly as per Reg.376, proceed to examine the boiler thoroughly in dry condition under the provision of 390 of IBR, 1950.

Hydraulic Test (Reg.379):

On completion open inspection, every boiler must be placed for hydraulic test, when the boiler shall have to satisfactorily withstand such pressure without appreciable leakage or under deflection or distortion of its parts for atleast ten consecutive minutes.

On satisfactorily thorough inspection & hydraulic test, a provisional order of steaming in form V, authorizing the use of the boiler at a pressure not exceeding the maximum working pressure may be issued under Sec.9 of the Act.


I) Fired Boiler :

The steaming certificate will remain valid for 12 months from the date of satisfactory hydraulic test as per Sec.7 of the Act.

II) Unfired Boiler:

The steaming certificate will remain valid for 24 months from the date of satisfactory hydraulic test as per Sec.7 of the Act.

ACCIDENTS (Sec. 18 of the Act)

Investigation of Accident:

On receipt of a report of an accident to a boiler or boiler components under Sec.18, the competent person shall with least possible delay, proceed to the place to investigate the accident. If the report is received by the Chief Inspector, he shall forward it at once to the Inspector (Competent Person), as authorized for necessary action.

Procedure during Enquiry:

The competent person at his enquiry shall make a careful examination of the damaged parts and shall take such measurements/make sketches, as he may deem necessary. He shall enquire into the circumstances attending the accident and note the time of its occurrence, it nature & extent, the injury caused to persons and the damaged done to property. The competent person shall take written statements of witnesses and all persons immediately concerned with the accident.

The report shall be sent to the Chief Inspector without delay, who if he considers that the investigation has been sufficient, shall record the facts in his register of accident.

Use of Boiler:-

The competent person shall decide whether the use of boiler can be permitted at the same or at lower presence without repairs or pending the completion of any repair or alteration that he may order. In no case, he shall issue a provisional order or renewal certificate, until his orders have been carried out.